William G. Rossick, LLLP is committed to helping our clients put their lives back together after losing a loved one in a fatal accident or becoming disabled in a catastrophic accident. We offer compassionate, responsive legal representation for clients and their families who may be devastated by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, intentional or unlawful act.  By focusing on serious injuries only, our law firm is able to give your matter the special attention it deserves rather than getting distracted by a large caseload of fender-benders or other minor injury cases.

            Personal injury law seeks to hold people or organizations responsible for the harm they cause to others.  Our law firm has the experience and advantage of both defending and suing some of the world’s largest companies in personal injury lawsuits. We understand what works and what does not work on both sides. We do NOT accept representing insurance companies against personal injury victims.

If you have been the victim of a personal injury in Texas, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you can. In most cases, Texas law gives victims just two years to file a lawsuit.  In some cases, when the party causing the harm is a governmental entity, there is a much shorter time period when the government must receive notice of the personal injury claim.  For example, when suing the State of Texas, a personal injury victim must give the State notice of the claim within 6 months.  The City of Austin requires 90 days notice, and some municipalities may even have a shorter notice period so do not delay contacting us.

Our personal-injury lawsuit experience includes:

Serious Vehicle Accidents

Commercial Trucks

Drunk Drivers





Medical Injuries

Medical Malpractice

Pharmaceutical Injury

Medical Device Injury


Defective Products

Work Injuries

Dog Attacks

Premises Liability

Practice Areas

Fire LitigationWildfires. House Fires. Prescribed Burns.

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Serious AccidentsWrongful Death. Defective Products.

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Disaster ClaimsInsurance Disputes. Homeowner Claims.

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Legal MalpracticeMissed Deadines. Conflict of Interest. Self-Dealing.

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Business DisputesOwnership Disputes. Breach of Contract.

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Medical InjuriesMedical Malpractice. Medical Device Injury.

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