Yes, we sue lawyers who do not properly represent their clients. We have brought cases against some of the most prominent lawyers and firms in Texas. Unlike many law firms, not only are we proud to right the wrongs that lawyers have committed, legal malpractice is one of the most important areas of our practice.

Some examples of legal malpractice include:

*missed statutes of limitations and other court filing requirements

*failing to faithfully represent a client

*settling a case without a client’s authority

*strong-arming a client into settling a case primarily for the lawyer’s own benefit

*jointly representing two clients who are adverse without informed consent


Red flags that indicate your lawyer may have committed malpractice include:

*absence of a written fee agreement

*failing to respond or provide an explanation about the dismissal of your case

*representing both you and an adversary without your written consent

*blurring the lines between whether you or your organization is the client

*failing to provide a settlement accounting of fees and expenses

*allocating a wrongful death claim settlement between more than one family member without disclosure of a potential conflict of interest between one or all of the family members

*not returning your phone calls

Many of our legal malpractice cases are referred and sent to us by other attorneys.  When mistakes are made by practicing attorneys, and lawyers, the claims are often complicated and proof of liability is complex. Litigation of these claims requires the knowledge and experience of lawyers with experience in bringing legal malpractice lawsuits.   If you would like William G. Rossick, LLLP to evaluate a potential legal malpractice case on your behalf, please don’t hesitate to email us, call us or contact via this website without delay.

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